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Helpdesk2050 – provide support through ticket and allow you to easily scale and streamline your customer service and drastically improve your customer’s experience.

Helpdesk2050 Support Centre – Advance Ticket System
Helpdesk2050 Support Centre – Advanced Ticket System is a powerful Helpdesk system that allows users to create tickets and get support from your staff. It comes with a built in knowledge base, so you can create detailed articles to give extra support. Create and restrict your staff to specific ticket categories, get notifications of newly created tickets and more. We offer great support and it’s very easy to use.

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It is a revolutionary, world`s very first, most powerful and complete Digital marketing software. Digital Business Network, a multichannel marketing application, the ultimate all-in-one solution for your business to grow. It offers all powerful tools like Facebook Marketing (Messenger BOT, Comment BOT, Bulk Message Broadcast, Auto Comment Tools etc), Social Media Posting (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress etc), SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Comparison Marketing, Analytical Marketing & many other features. DBN is the best choice for digital marketing solutions.'

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Live Chat2050
DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IS VISITING YOUR WEBSITE AND WHY? Live chat is a faster and more personal way for you to engage your customers.

Full Customer Chat Support In today’s information age, having a well designed highly ranked website is crucial, but it is simply not enough. Directing people to your site is just the first step. If you really want a significant advantage over your competitor, you must reach out to your customers while they are on your website. You need to connect with them in real time. That’s where the expertise of Livechat2050 comes in. By taking our live chat support service, you connect you with your visitors, and convert them into clients.

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Today, we are observing the evolution of chatbots as they inch their way further into the customer support presence of many businesses. But will they ultimately replace real chat agents and be fully responsible for responding to live chat queries? This is a complex question, and the answer is multifaceted. The short answer is: YES, they will replace real chat agents any time soon. Our Chatbots Agents Are Always Connected Our trained Chatbots understands our client’s brand vision, products and business guidelines. We make an effort to resolve your customer’s problems within the first conversation. We trains customer support chatbot agents to understand your industry, business and customers’ needs. Our chatbots agents are always connected with you to obtain more information about your product and services to make sure the service levels are always met.

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Helpdesk2050 Ticket System

Helpdesk2050 Ticket System: A powerful ticket system that allows you to give the best support to your users. Create unlimited agents, guest tickets and more

Admin Panel Manage

Admin Panel Manage your system with the powerful admin create agents, restrict access announcement and more.

User Roles

User Roles A powerful user role system allows you to give access to specific members to various areas of the site

feature helpdesk2050 Ticket System
  • Multiple staff

    Multiple staff Admin can add more staff to support center. Staff can view the ticket that are on his/her department. Admin can view all tickets, change department of staff.

  • Email Notification.

    Email Notification. When a user open ticket, use will receive the ticket details and the staff on that department will get new ticket email notification.

  • Multiple Department

    Multiple Department Admin can add more departments. Staff can only view the ticlets that are based on their departments.

  • Client Area:

    Client Area: The client area gives your users a simple and intuitive way to create tickets in your system. Includes knowledge base article.